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I am an:

A few fun facts:

Favorite TV Show: Psych, Parks and Rec,  & the Office
Obsessed with: Raccoons, fluffy dogs, & ice cream cones
Favorite Season: Summer

My photography journey:
I’ve been taking pictures as soon as I got a little camera when I was 14. In high school, I decided I wanted to take it more seriously and started finding opportunities to shoot weddings and build my portfolio. I got a big girl camera and invested in thousands of dollars of gear and education. Couples with years of experience and these tools, I’ve developed a light, airy, and dreamy style, along with a love for those soft B&W's too.

I have always had a desire to see beautifully and create beautifully. Creating is my drive and the reason I wake up in the morning. As a graphic design and painting major at Utah State University, I have exposed myself to both design and composition principles that will help me create work that you will value for a lifetime.
I am an artist at heart. I run on creating out of a blank canvas, or on capturing emotion between two people I may have never met. My experience and views as a painter, designer, and photographer are all parts of creating artful imagery for you. While I shoot and edit, I strive to think of how I can make these moments both beautiful and meaningful, something that you can look at with nostalgia and feelings of a happy memory. Art that you can hang on your walls for years, that you will show off to all your friends and family, and art that is meaningful to you because it is your love.
I am willing to climb any mountain for you to create this artful imagery. I want to find the most beautiful, unique locations that will both provide an experience, and an adventure that you can cherish and remember for years. I want to capture the majestic quality of your shared devotion and give you photos and an experience that encapsulates that.
All in all, I absolutely adore working with my clients! They are the energy and purpose of my work. I adore being able to create something beautiful for you, and to show you the light that you carry. I would love to get to know you more as well! You can fill out the contact form to reach me. I look forward to talking to you soon!

Favorite place: Uinta Mountains
I really want to go: backpacking in Switzerland and Italy
Hobbies: Oil Painting, Illustration, and Piano

I offer several packages that will help ease your mind. This is your one stop shop. Each of the packages will be catered to different needs, but if you don't see something that fits your plan, reach out and we will customize something to fit exactly what you need for your special day! 
Once you've decided that's what you want, send me a message through the contact form along with any questions. If I'm available that date, we'll set up a call and I'll send you a contract. There is a 20% initial payment required for booking and once that's paid, you're all set to let go of any stress. 

and I am all for it.

this is your day