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Do you ever face a creative block in the middle of a shoot?

Does your mind blank on occasion when the bride can only do standing poses and you feel like you've run out of options?

The Posing Book is the resource that will help bring you out of your mind blocks and give you peace of mind before a shoot. This is a valuable resource for both beginner and advanced photographers that specialize in wedding and couples photography.

I designed this book to save on preparation time, appear more professional, and overcome creative blocks during shoots. I found and compiled hundreds of poses and filtered them down so that you have non-repeat poses within each section (although some poses fit across a couple different sections). 

After getting this mini 50 page book, you will have over 200 unique poses right on your camera for when you need it. The book is organized by colored sections of Standing, Sitting, and Other Poses. Within those sections, you have more specific topics such as Sitting Down, Laying Down, Half & Half, Raised Surfaces, Facing Each Other, Side to Side, Back Side, Facing the Camera, Maternity, Ring Shots, and Movement based poses. The sections are designed this way so that when your bride can't sit, you have plenty of poses to help get your mind back on track.

This is a professional way to hold poses in your back pocket. No more pulling your phone out to show a couple how to pose or to try and refresh your mind, or stumbling when you have a creative block. Keep this on your camera so that in-between shots or locations, you can refresh your mind, and have a way to show clients how to pose if they don't understand. 

This can be a lifelong resource for photographers who work primarily with couples and weddings. Understanding how to pose and do it effectively will elevate your business and create client trust, while giving you peace of mind when your mind has those creative blocks. 

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